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For Patients

Who We Are

We focus on delivering specialized and individualized care that provides comprehensive, evidence-based strategies for the management of obesity and obesity-related conditions.

What We Do

Obesity is a chronic, serious disease that requires safe and effective long-term management. Our program is designed to approach weight management by considering the mental, emotional, and physical elements that influence weight gain and regain. We implement evidence-based treatments for the management of obesity that may include nutrition counseling, behavioral modification, physical activity guidance, and medications. We strive to provide individualized obesity care, free from stigma and shame.

How can you join our program

We provide specialist services that are publicly funded, covered entirely by OHIP or IFH. Medications, if indicated, may be at an additional cost to the patient, if not covered by provincial health care plans (ODSP, ODB, OW, TDP) or by the patient’s extended health care benefits. Our services are by Referral only.

Our Program

Our approach endorses a moderate protein, low carbohydrate regimen, focusing on eating real, unprocessed food. Our approach is designed to empower patients and coach them on how to manage their cravings while achieving sustainable weight loss. The program comprises a structured dietary plan, medication administration if warranted, regular follow-ups, and cognitive-based coaching. Rather than prescribing individualized meal plans, our focus is on implementing lifelong lifestyle modifications that foster a healthier relationship with food, and the how-to on managing hunger cues and promoting satiety. We guide patients through both the weight loss phase and a subsequent maintenance program, while prioritizing sustainability and long-term results. This ensures not only successful weight reduction but also the ability to maintain these achievements over time.